Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results

Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results

Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results

Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results


Whether you're making a formal presentation, wooing a client, closing a sale, or proposing an idea, persuasive communication can make the difference between success and failure.

Well Said! shows readers how to put themselves in their audience's shoes and tailor their message to the needs of decision makers.It reveals simple but powerful techniques anyone can use to prioritize, organize, and economize their words so that their communications are concise, clear, and - most importantly - convincing. Complete with real-life examples illustrating the concepts in action, this handy guide teaches readers how to:

Use the words and phrases that get people to listen • Capture and hold attention • Gain instant credibility with decision makers • Optimize body language • Handle Q&A with finesse • Connect with the audience • Shine with or without PowerPoint • Perfect their elevator pitch • And much more

Engaging and practical, Well Said! is the one book on presentation skills every professional should own.


You have something important to say—something of value that others need to hear. Even though other people in your organization may speak on the same topic, present the same product, and use the same visuals, you sell the message in a unique way. Your personal style, experience, observations, trials, successes, and stories engage and persuade listeners in a way that no one else can. As Eleanor Roosevelt reminds us, “When your message benefits others, you not only have a right to speak, you have an obligation to speak.”

It is easy to shy away from this challenge. in fact, many presenters do. With the communication and presentation technology available today, you can detach from your audience and your message and let colorful slides, slick graphics, and impersonal videos do the talking for you. Please don’t misunderstand: visual aids are an important element to an effective presentation. the key point to remember, however, is that you are your best visual aid. You are the message. You sell the message. This book shows you how.

This book will advance your career

As your career advances, you will have more and more opportunities to present and persuade—to stand up in front of a group of decision makers and influence their thinking. Whether it’s five people gathered around a table, twenty leaders in a boardroom, or five hundred attendees in a conference center, you need to become practiced and proficient in the skills that count—the skills that enable you to carry off your presentation with style, confidence, credibility, and persuasion; the skills necessary to get you noticed, remembered, promoted—and most important, the skills that allow you to be your natural unique self at your very best.

Like you, this book is unique—a far cry from any cookie-cutter approach. You will learn principles and techniques that are based on the author’s collective trial-and-error experience, which spans over twenty years of speaking face-to-face to thousands of audiences all over the world. You will discover what works and what doesn’t. You will learn how to persuade people to invest . . .

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