Aliens and Man: A Synopsis of Facts and Beliefs

Aliens and Man: A Synopsis of Facts and Beliefs

Aliens and Man: A Synopsis of Facts and Beliefs

Aliens and Man: A Synopsis of Facts and Beliefs


NASA astronauts and Soviet cosmonauts have said they saw ?something, ? Senator Dennis Kucinich famously said he believes UFOs are real, and just about everybody has heard rumors that the US military and intelligence agencies are ?hiding something.? In this book, a college professor attempts to apply a dispassionate scientific approach to the question, pulling together and evaluating evidence for and against various theories about aliens from outer space and other unexplained phenomena. How real is the evidence, he asks, and what does it add up to?. This book is intended to present all the mystery and intrigue without any of the hype, pseudo-science, or the slightest hint of Geraldo


Behold the turtle. He makes progress
only when he sticks his neck out

—James B. Conant

I’m a psychology professor. Most of the books I’ve published were in subjects limited to my expertise. But having spent a few hours on the psychodynamics of myth, metaphor, and dream, I found myself sniffing around an idea that seems completely beyond the perimeters of psychology: the hypothesis that humankind had, or continues to have, some connection to extraterrestrial sources.

Before you raise your eyebrows and consider this guy just another psych prof gone berserk, let me tell you how the idea germinated.

The Psychological Bias

It begins with metaphor. Imagine a third grade boy wakes up screaming from a nightmare that Tyrannosaurus Rex was chasing him and about to snip off his legs. His mother tells him that T. Rex is extinct, hasn’t been around for millions of years, and there’s nothing to fear.

Well, mommy made a psychological mistake. She assumed the nightmare was “literal.” She approached her son’s dream as a funda-

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