The New Politics of North Carolina


Political scientist V. O. Key in 1949 described North Carolina as a "progressive plutocracy." He argued that in the areas of industrial development, public education, and race relations, North Carolina appeared progressive when compared to other southern states. Reconsidering Key's evaluation nearly sixty years later, contributors to this volume find North Carolina losing ground as a progressive leader in the South. The "new politics" of the state involves a combination of new and old: new opportunities and challenges have forced the state to change, but the old culture still remains a powerful force.

In the eleven essays collected here, leading scholars of North Carolina politics offer a systematic analysis of North Carolina's politics and policy, placed in the context of its own history as well as the politics and policies of other states. Topics discussed include the evolution of politics and political institutions; the roles of governors, the judicial branch, interest groups, and party systems; and the part played by economic development and environmental policy. Contributors also address how geography affects politics within the state, region, and nation. Designed with students and interested citizens in mind, this collection provides an excellent introduction to contemporary North Carolina politics and government.

Hunter Bacot, Elon University
Christopher A. Cooper, Western Carolina University
Tom Eamon, East Carolina University
Jack D. Fleer, Wake Forest University
Dennis Grady, Appalachian State University
Ferrel Guillory, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sean Hildebrand, Western Carolina University
Jonathan Kanipe, Catawba, North Carolina
H. Gibbs Knotts, Western Carolina University
Adam Newmark, Appalachian State University
Charles Prysby, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Ruth Ann Strickland, Appalachian State University
James H. Svara, Arizona State University
Timothy Vercellotti, Rutgers University

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • Christopher A. Cooper
  • H. Gibbs Knotts
  • Thomas F. Eamon
  • Timothy Vercellotti
  • Charles Prysby
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Chapel Hill, NC
Publication year:
  • 2008


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