Bought and Sold for English Gold? Explaining the Union of 1707

Bought and Sold for English Gold? Explaining the Union of 1707

Bought and Sold for English Gold? Explaining the Union of 1707

Bought and Sold for English Gold? Explaining the Union of 1707


An invaluable guide to the background to and causes of the Union of 1707, which, outside Parliament, was deeply unpopular in Scotland. Christopher Whatley's account is objective and lucid, highly readable and frank in its assessments. Importantly, it views the Union not only from the Scottish perspective, but also from the English side.


I am grateful to John and Val Tuckwell of Tuckwell Press for giving me the opportunity to refine and develop my ideas on the subject of the Union of 1707 and, by re-publishing Bought and Sold, making it available once more to students, teachers and academics, as well as to a wider public. My understanding of the topic has been deepened through the study of primary documents I had not seen prior to the publication of the first edition. My thanks are due to staff at the National Archives of Scotland, particularly David Brown, and to Jane Anderson, the Archivist at Blair Castle. All have provided me with invaluable assistance and support. So too has Steve Connelly of Perth and Kinross Archives. I have also had the opportunity to reflect upon and incorporate the new work of scholars who have written on the Union and related issues during the past decade. I am also indebted to Mrs Sara Reid, of the Department of History, University of Dundee, for her work on preparing the text for the printers. Her copy-editing skills are of immense value to me and many of my departmental colleagues.

The publishers wanted to make this edition more reader-friendly than the first, and in keeping with the format adopted for the ‘Scottish History Matters’ series of which this tide is one, intrusive source references have been removed from the text and confined to a shorter list of essential endnotes for each chapter. A Select Bibliography enables readers to follow up aspects of the topic in greater depth. The additional Appendices make for a much more comprehensive publication.

For their help in securing the illustrations and granting permission for them to be used I should like to express my gratitude to His Grace the Duke of Hamilton, Dr Rosalind K. Marshall, formerly of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, and George Dalgleish of the National Museums of Scotland.

C. A. W. Dundee, April 2001 . . .

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