Lost for Words: Loss and Bereavement Awareness Training

Lost for Words: Loss and Bereavement Awareness Training

Lost for Words: Loss and Bereavement Awareness Training

Lost for Words: Loss and Bereavement Awareness Training


"Based on multi-agency and multi-professional work with psychologists, teachers, social workers and nurses, this interactive resource includes photocopiable material and instructions for more than a dozen training sessions. These cover the core issues from children's understanding of death to changes in a child's learning and behaviour." "This training package provides essential guidance for teachers, social workers, psychologists and all those caring for and working with children." Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved


Lost for Words was developed from an idea by John Holland of the City Psychological Service, Learning and Cultural Services, Hull, together with colleagues Carole Stitt and Ruth Dance as well as Nic MacManus of the Hull-based Dove House Hospice: the team of four that deliver the training on a regular basis in Hull. Judith Hodgson, John Creasey and Janis Hostad, at the time of Dove House, were also involved in the development of the project. Lost for Words was launched in its original form in October 2000; this is the revised and well-tried version.

Lost for Words is a loss awareness training package for use with those working with children, especially in schools. the project developed from the collaborative multi-agency and multi-professional work carried out in the Hull area over many years. the professions involved included psychologists, educationalists, social workers and nurses.

Lost for Words is underpinned by research with bereaved children and their surviving parents as well as with schools, especially Operation Iceberg, a project carried out at the University of York.

The head teachers and staff of Hall Road Primary School and Newland St John’s Church of England Primary School (both in the Hull local education authority) kindly allowed elements of the project to be trialled in training sessions at their schools. the project was also trialled on In-service Training (INSET) courses.

The aim of Lost for Words is to help teachers in schools to support pupils going through a bereavement because of death or other losses. Lost for Words is not a counselling training programme, nor does it address issues of trauma or abnormal grieving in depth.

The package is designed to be delivered by trainers, ideally in pairs, to staff in schools or in other settings. It comprises stand-alone topic areas and trainers can choose which are applicable to present in a particular context.

Resources are provided within the package, which is self-contained, including templates for overhead projector (OHP) transparencies. Guidance is . . .

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