Creative Arts Marketing

Creative Arts Marketing

Creative Arts Marketing

Creative Arts Marketing


As a comprehensive overview of all aspects of marketing in the sector, Creative Arts Marketing remains unrivalled, and in addition this edition gives new coverage of-• Current knowledge and best practice about marketing and advertising through new media• The impact of Relationship Marketing techniques • A wholly revised and enhanced set of cases• Entirely revised and updated data on the arts 'industry'Creative Arts Marketing reflects the diversity of the arts world in its wide ranging analysis of how different marketing techniques have worked for a diverse range of arts organizations. As such it is an invaluable text for both students and arts managers • A revised and completely updated new edition of a highly successful specialist marketing title.• Practical integration of theory and marketing best practice for the arts sector.• Packed with new and updated examples, cases and vignettes.


A (very) brief history of marketing

This book is aimed at people who are working in the arts (as practitioners, policy-makers, producers or managers), or studying arts marketing, management or policy, or even just studying marketing and looking for a fresh perspective. You may be part of a professional or voluntary organization, or you may be in the commercial or public sector. As authors we cannot take too much for granted about how much you know about marketing or even what you feel about marketing. Perhaps you have picked up this book gingerly, dubious of the desirability of applying tacky marketing techniques to something as important as the arts. Or perhaps you are happy about marketing in general, but sceptical about the difference it can make to the success of your organization or project.

This introduction is here to help you. We hope that, whatever your background, reading it will put you in a better position to understand and apply the ideas we cover in more detail in the rest of the book. It may answer some of the doubts or uncertainties you have about the appropriateness of marketing to arts organizations, and it may help clarify your expectations of the kind of contribution marketing can make. In it we intend to trace a brief (and necessarily oversimplified) history of marketing itself – and how it has grown from its origins in commercial organizations to applications in a variety of other situations. This will clarify how it differs from less effective approaches to running an organization which are often confused with it (namely, product orientation and sales orientation). Such clarification is important, particularly when defending the marketing concept in the face of criticism which may be laid more appropriately at the door of one or other rival approach.

In the beginning …

Marketing, whether in the arts or in any other field of human enterprise, is simply the active recognition by organizations that without customers they have nothing but costs. From that point of view, you could argue that the . . .

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