Carrying a Secret in My Heart: Children of Political Victims of the Revolution, 1956 Hungary: an Oral History


"The crushing of the 1956 revolution was followed by the most terrible campaign of political retaliation in modern Hungarian history. In the harsh reprisals, more than 20,000 were imprisoned and 229 executed by the regime and tens of thousands more were dismissed from their workplaces and put under police surveillance. This intimidation, and the attendant social and economic devastation that it wrought, bore especially hard on the psyches, upbringing and education, and hence the subsequent opportunities and life courses of the children who grew up within those families." "This book is based on interviews with the children of those imprisoned or executed for their involvement in the 1956 revolution. The reader learns about the patterns of communication within the families, changes in social status, how relatives and friends reacted, and what sorts of problems these children encountered in pursuing their studies, in trying to assimilate into society as adults, and in relating to those fathers who did return." Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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