Aging, Spirituality, and Religion: A Handbook - Vol. 2

Aging, Spirituality, and Religion: A Handbook - Vol. 2

Aging, Spirituality, and Religion: A Handbook - Vol. 2

Aging, Spirituality, and Religion: A Handbook - Vol. 2


Volume II picks up where Volume I left off--with practical advice and tools for ministry with the aging in a variety of settings. Gerontological and theological perspectives undergird the practical guidance and a final section treats of the unique ethical issues involved in ministry with the aging.


Aging, Spirituality, and Religion: A Handbook, Volume 2 is an outgrowth of the continuing mission of the Center for Aging, Religion and Spirituality (CARS), which was established in 1993. CARS, a nonprofit organization housed at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota, encourages education, research, and publication on the religious and spiritual components of late-life experiences. It offers an interfaith and multidisciplinary approach to issues related to aging, spirituality, and religion. The present volume builds on and extends volume 1, which was published in 1995, and continues the development of scholarship and practice in older adult ministry.

We hope that the essays in this volume will stimulate further reflection, research, and scholarly writing about spirituality and religion. Concomitantly, may it prove helpful to gerontologists as well as clergy and leaders in faith communities to continue the expanding interdisciplinary dialogue on religious and spiritual themes that emerge in later life.

It would be remiss of the editors not to express appreciation for the creative and scholarly contributions of our distinguished group of chapter authors. A number of these individuals are treasured friends of the editors as well as respected colleagues. Many of us have journeyed together the last two decades in creating a space within gerontology for the discussion of religion and spirituality. Other authors are less well known to the editors, but their contributions are no less valued.

We also want to express appreciation to Henry French, formerly vice president of Fortress Press, for his encouragement to publish volume 2 and to Michael West, editor-in-chief, Harold Rast, consulting editor, and Beth Wright, assistant managing editor, for their helpfulness in bringing this volume to print. Finally, but in no way least, we especially want to express appreciation to Mee-Ock Park for her patient and competent work as the Editorial Coordinator.

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