The Primary Decision: A Functional Analysis of Debates in Presidential Primaries


Civil Procedure: Cases and Problems, Fourth Edition offers both the classic and the more recent cases and thoughtful notes, questions and secondary materials. It places technical material in a larger thematic context, so that the students can appreciate the doctrinal and social significance of the individual cases and rules. Starting with due process of law, it emphasizes the constitutional underpinnings of procedural rules and the adversary system. Illuminating the relationship between equality, accuracy, efficiency, and fundamental fairness to guide and inspire learning, Civil Procedure: Cases and Problems features due process at the beginning of the book to create a conceptual framework for understanding both jurisdiction and the procedural rules constitutional context for understanding procedure that sets the ground work for advanced courses on Procedure and Federal Courts coverage of the social and economic context underlying procedural reform, particularly with regard to women, minorities and general financial constraints on access to the adversary system for the poor lightly edited classic cases that promote case analysis and preserve the language and subtlety of procedural jurisprudence major Supreme Court precedents, followed and complemented by lower court decisions to demonstrate core doctrinal principles hypothetical problems that open each chapter may be taught or skipped in accordance with different teaching objectives; the problems also double as practice exam questions concise and focused notes that echo the Socratic Method and prompt consideration of salient themes updated throughout, the Fourth Edition provides recent style changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, comprehensively integrated into the casebook, including individual case notes for all cases interpreting operative language of the rules detailed coverage of the Supreme Court's attempt to reform pleading practice in Bell Atlantic and analysis of the effects of the decision in lower courts extended coverage of new developments and scholarship in e-discovery,complex litigation, and alternative dispute resolution updated and enhanced Teacher's Manual that is ideal for new professors and includes notes for every principal case for an approach to Civil Procedure that creates context and connects procedure to its constitutional roots, turn to the Fourth Edition of this venerable casebook that features problems, great teaching cases, and contemporary issues of fairness. New professors and loyal users will especially appreciate the updated and revised Teacher's Manual.•Teacher's Manuals are a professional courtesy offered to professors only. Formore information or to request a copy, please contact Aspen Publishers at 800-950-5259 or

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