The Violet Hour: The Violet Quill and the Making of Gay Culture


This writing workbook will develop all the language skills that students need to perform well in class and on state tests.

Preparing for the SOL Writing Test

The SOL Writing test contains two parts. In Part 1, students revise, edit, and plan passages. Section 1 of this book will give students practice answering these types of questions. In Part 2, students write a story or essay based on a writing prompt. Section 3 of this book will give students practice completing these types of writing tasks. The quizzes in Section 2 of this book will develop the specific writing and language skills that students need to perform well on both parts of the SOL Writing test.

Preparing for the SOL Reading Test

Around 25% of the questions on the SOL Reading test are word analysis and vocabulary questions. Students can greatly improve their overall score on the test by focusing on improving these skills. Section 2 of this book will develop these essential skills.

Section 1: Revising and Editing Quizzes

- Mini-tests provide practice answering revising and editing questions

- Includes the same questions types found on the SOL Writing test

- Allows students to gain experience completing editing and revising tasks

- Covers all the revising and editing skills that students will need for the state test

Section 2: Language, Vocabulary, and Grammar Quizzes

- Individual quizzes cover each language arts skill individually

- Covers all the key skills that Virginia students need

- Allows for gaps in knowledge to be identified

- Provides the opportunity for targeted revision

- Develops and improves on the skills needed for the SOL Writing test and the SOL Reading test

Guided Writing Tasks

- Guided writing tasks teach students how to approach writing tasks

- The writing prompts are just like those found on the SOL Writing test

- Includes writing prompts for narrative, descriptive, and explanatory writing

- Gives students practice writing short stories, letters, essays, and more

- Guided writing tasks help ensure that student writing will score well on state tests


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