The Modern Poet: Poetry, Academia, and Knowledge since the 1750s


'Crawford's descriptions are eloquent.' -Michael Schmidt, The Independent 'This book opens intellectual borders... Crawford comes out as a poet in the first person, breaking with 'impersonality', demanding a place in the story... This 'I' makes the book beguiling and accountable.' -Michael Schmidt, The Independent 'Crawford amusingly exposes the persistent 'wild man' pose of some poets - Frost and Yeats in particular... He speaks up convincingly for several marginalized figures; there is an excellent discussion of Hugh MacDiarmid's later poetry.' -Jeremy Noel-Tod, Times Literary Supplement 'Endlessly fascinating and provocative book... The Modern Poet is an important book. Impeccably researched and passionately argued, it isn't a dry contribution to bibliography but a call to imaginative action.' -Brian Morton, Sunday Herald. Addressed to all readers of poetry, this is a book about the poet's role throughout the last three centuries. The Modern Poet shows how many successive generations of poets across the English-speaking world have had to collaborate and to battle with the culture of the universities.