The English Heritage - Vol. 2

The English Heritage - Vol. 2

The English Heritage - Vol. 2

The English Heritage - Vol. 2


The English Heritage, Third Edition, is a compact yet complete introduction to British history in two volumes. This comprehensive text reflects the authors' belief that a concise and accessible analysis best serves both the student and instructor.

With new material on Tudor, Elizabethan, and Stuart England, revisions throughout reflect the latest scholarship, giving more attention to women and social history. Volume One covers the earliest Britons to 1714, Volume Two covers 1689 to the Present.


Like its popular predecessors, this third edition of The English Heritage is intended to introduce students (and all readers) to a remarkable national heritage stemming from the four main nations of the United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Many Americans and Canadians are descended from British stock; many others received the English heritage as immigrants or as the descendants of immigrants. the fruits of that English heritage have extended throughout the world, bringing the English language and English concepts of government, law, literature, and religion to former colonies and beyond. No longer the exclusive property of any nation, race, religion, or culture, the English heritage today is global in scope and influence.

This book reflects the authors’; belief that a concise, introductory text best serves both the student and the instructor. It quickly grounds the student in the main aspects of British history and presents the themes that will be further developed in class. a dependable reference to which the student can return for clarification, this book also features an excellent collection of illustrations, photographs, and maps that provide visual supplements to the text. Also, a brief text such as this allows the instructor to incorporate a variety of supplementary readings and other resources to enrich the course. To this end, suggestions for further reading (which also may serve as good sources for student papers) conclude each chapter.

The English Heritage, third edition, includes the work of several authors, though it has been carefully developed as an integrated text. Some of England’;s great contributions to the world have been in the form of government, politi-

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