Galatians: The Charter of Christian Liberty

Galatians: The Charter of Christian Liberty

Galatians: The Charter of Christian Liberty

Galatians: The Charter of Christian Liberty


To attain a full comprehension of the scriptural truth of Galatians, Tenney examines the epistle in ten chapters, each employing a different method of study: synthetic, critical, biographical, historical, theological, rhetorical, topics, analytical, comparative, and devotional. Includes helpful charts, outlines, and bibliography.


For some time the author has had the conviction that there is room in the field of Biblical exegesis for a work which should encourage the lover of the Bible to pursue its study for himself. There are so many treasures in the Word of God that no one commentary or treatise can contain all of them; and since one book can deal with only a few at the most, the best procedure is to show how the treasures can be unlocked, and then to let the reader use the key for himself.

Many extensive commentaries and critical essays have been written on Galatians, and this book does not pretend to supersede them. It is an attempt to present ten different approaches to the meaning of the Biblical text, and to illustrate each so that the reader can imitate the procedure and thus have the joy of making original discoveries in the divine revelation. The sum total of these illustrations will provide a representative treatment of Galatians.

The writer acknowledges gratefully the wise editorial counsel and unstinted aid of his wife, Helen J. Tenney. Thanks are due also to Dr. V. R. Edman, President of Wheaton College, who read the first draft and who suggested many improvements, and to Miss Edna Smallwood, who assisted in copying the text. To these, and to the many unnamed friends who have contributed unconsciously to the content of this book, it is offered as a tribute of gratitude. M.C.T.

The wide use of this book as a classroom text and as a guide to general Bible study has prompted this revision. Its chief feature is the addition of one chapter on the comparative method of Bible study, which should increase its value in the . . .

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