Histories of Anthropology Annual - Vol. 1

Histories of Anthropology Annual - Vol. 1

Histories of Anthropology Annual - Vol. 1

Histories of Anthropology Annual - Vol. 1


Histories of Anthropology Annual promotes diverse perspectives on the discipline's history within a global context. Critical, comparative, analytical, and narrative studies involving all aspects and subfields of anthropology will be included, along with reviews and shorter pieces. This inaugural volume offers insightful looks at the careers, lives, and influence of anthropologists and others, including Herbert Spencer, Frederick Starr, Mark Hanna Watkins, Leslie White, and Jacob Ezra Thomas. Topics in this volume include anti-imperialism, racism in Guatemala, the study of peasants, the Carnegie Institution, Mayan archaeology and espionage, Cold War anthropology, African studies, and tribal museums.


Regna Darnell and Frederic W. Gleach

Histories of Anthropology Annual (hoaa) is dedicated to the proposition that there is diversity in the history of anthropology as a disciplinary specialization, just as there is diversity in the anthropologies we practice. We believe that considerable work is being done that is not reaching its appropriate audiences. hoaa will assemble such diverse efforts and make them more visible and accessible.

Publication outlets for anthropological historians directing their work to an audience of anthropologists have been limited to date. the History of Anthropology Newsletter (han), established by George W. Stocking Jr. in 1973 and currently edited by Henrika Kuklick, has kept scholars in contact but has failed to provide them with a larger disciplinary audience. the University of Wisconsin monograph series History of Anthropology, also founded by Stocking and now edited by Richard Handler, has provided thematic volumes with potential course-text value as well as systematic documentation of some pieces of our history, but the structure of the series has necessarily restricted content to certain themes. the Critical Studies in the History of Anthropology series, edited by Regna Darnell and Stephen O. Murray for the University of Nebraska Press, has facilitated the publication of books, including biographies, documenting the history of anthropology, largely in North America. Although research in our disciplinary history has been published in disparate journals such as Critique of Anthropology and Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, scholars would need to search widely to find all that has been published. Even worse, much research has languished unpublished, known only to a few specialists. hoaa is intended as a place for this invisible body of work.

The editors do have a few axes to grind about what the history of anthropology is and should be. Key among these is a set of themes that can be shorthanded as diversity: diversity of practitioners; diversity of national, theoretical, and methodological traditions; diversity of subdisci-

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