Hills of Spices: Poetry from the Bible

Hills of Spices: Poetry from the Bible

Hills of Spices: Poetry from the Bible

Hills of Spices: Poetry from the Bible


Beautiful verse from the world's greatest book

In the concluding lines of The Song of Songs, one lover beckons the other to hurry to the "hills of spices," a place rich in fragrances and flavors, a feast for the senses. This lovely new collection invites us all to feast our senses on poetry from The Song of Songs and from many other passages of the Bible. Some of these, like The Song of the Sea and David's Lament, are well-known classics; others, such as surprising poetic moments in Isaiah and Ezekiel, will, for many, be delightful new discoveries. Verses from the pages of Genesis, Exodus, Ecclesiastes, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Proverbs, Psalms, and many other biblical books are here, with the JPS English translation sitting across the page from the original biblical Hebrew. The poems are organized thematically-Blessings and Curses, Laments, Love Songs, Prayers and Songs of Praise, among others-making it easy to find the right verse to fit the mood or need. There is an appendix listing the poems by biblical book, chapter, and verse.


Open the Bible. It is an old book, compiled over hundreds of years, composed in vast deserts and along raging river beds, recited on slate-capped mountain tops and in cities built of white stone gleaming in the hot red Mediterranean sunset. It tells the story of families, deceits and pleasures, of simple men and women, heroes, villains, and kings, terrible battles and astonishing miracles. It paints the portrait of a wrathful, punishing God, a loving, nurturing God. And of God’s relationship to individuals – personal, poignant, perplexing. It tells the story of human experience.

Human beings are creatures of habit; one of our most consistent habits is storytelling. How do we tell our stories? Orally, and in writing. The history of written language is rife with myths, legends, tales – and poems. Indeed, one of the oldest forms of storytelling is the poem. It is a compact, compressed form of expression. Every word has a precise weight and measure. The poem, whatever its length, shows an economy of literary expression. It has texture, tone, image, rhythm, meter, and sometimes rhyme.

Open the Bible. Its poems show you the anguish of Lamentations, bewailing the devastation of Jerusalem by Babylon; the playful eroticism and luscious imagery of Solomon in Song of Songs; the humor and wit of the Wisdom Writings; the joy and devotion of praising God in song; the fantastic imagery of kingly dreams and visions; the tender approach of the psalmist to healing, death, parenting, the presence of the divine in day-to-day human life. Hills of Spices is not intended as a comprehensive . . .

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