Mike Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg


Michael Bloomberg is not only New York City's 108th mayor; he is a business genius and self-made billionaire. He has run the toughest city in America with an independence and show of ego that first brought him great success- and eventually threatened it. Yet while Bloomberg is internationally known and admired, few people know the man behind the carefully crafted public persona.In Mike Bloomberg, Joyce Purnick explores Mr. Bloomberg's life from his childhood in the suburbs of Boston, to his rise on Wall Street and the creation of Bloomberg L.P., to his mayoral record and controversial gamble on a third term. Drawing on her deep knowledge of New York City politics, and interviews with Bloomberg's friends, family, colleagues, and the mayor himself, she creates a textured portrait of one of the more complex men of our era.


The first time I met Mike Bloomberg was in the late 1990s at a dinner party in his Manhattan town house. It was a typical New York gathering of the moneyed and the prominent, thrown together for an evening of polite conversation that goes in one ear and out the other.

I recall that Dan Rather was there, and Peter Jennings, and that the five-story home was an overdone tribute to marble, formal British furniture and attention-grabbing works of art.

Bloomberg himself barely made an impression. He sat at the head of the table and said little, looking bored. Later, as rumors grew that he wanted to run for mayor, I was astonished—and I was not the only one. That guy, the dull, quiet one whose home looks like a museum?

I’d seen mayors come and go and Bloomberg did not fit the mold any which way. the slight, self-made billionaire was the opposite of the boisterous characters New Yorkers enjoy. He . . .

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