True Alignment: Linking Company Culture with Customer Needs for Extraordinary Results

True Alignment: Linking Company Culture with Customer Needs for Extraordinary Results

True Alignment: Linking Company Culture with Customer Needs for Extraordinary Results

True Alignment: Linking Company Culture with Customer Needs for Extraordinary Results


Alignment is the single most critical business challenge for any organization and its leaders. Without it, inefficiency, conflict, and disengagement will cripple your ability to provide value to your customers.

Companies live or die based on their ability to communicate and deliver on the promise their brand makes to its customers. To do this effectively, leaders need to clearly define the vision and strategies that support that brand intention and ensure these are manifested in the roles, expectations, and goals of each and every member of the organization. A blueprint for businesses of all types and sizes, True Alignment reveals how to:

• Decipher customer expectations

• Define the brand as a solution to the customer's needs

• Turn the unique selling proposition into the mission

• Create a company culture where everyone is aligned to this vision- and responsible for living the brand promise

• And more

Whether you're a manager, a business owner, an executive, or CEO, True Alignment is an essential resource that will help you compete and succeed in today's complex and rapidly changing business environment.


This book represents the first time a comprehensive framework is provided for exploring in a simple way how we all participate in the art of business. It brings together in a comprehensive and understandable approach various aspects that are generally written about and presented separately, including the customer, product and market strategy, branding, organizational and team cultures, and leadership. Th is approach is easily applied to any business situation and ties together all the elements in a consistent view of what motivates us to engage in business in the ways we do. As a customer, employee, CEO, business leader, manager, or entrepreneur, you’ll recognize yourself in this book.

True Alignment is also the first book to provide a measurable and observable approach to aligning the customer to a company’s culture and what makes this distinctive relationship work. In writing this book, one of my goals is to provide a framework that can be applied to any aspect of business, allowing you to determine when alignment exists and when it doesn’t. Th is includes how alignment affects whether you are satisfied or dissatisfied as a customer, a happy or an unhappy employee or team member, or a self-actualizing leader or entrepreneur in pursuit of a business strategy and culture that aligns to your personal motivations and influence.

Everything in life is personal and an aspect of our individual and shared human experience. As you read about the various aspects of alignment, you’ll very likely find yourself exploring your own personal and intimate relationship to the art of business. As a result, I invite you to find new ways in which to see yourself and better understand the choices you are confronted with every day. And, why you make the decisions you do. My belief is that you will find this very empowering. At the very least, you’ll find it thought provoking.

Another unique feature of this book is the range of examples providing insightful stories about how alignment leads to success. Often, busi-

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