Glory Not Dishonor: Reading John 13-21

Glory Not Dishonor: Reading John 13-21

Glory Not Dishonor: Reading John 13-21

Glory Not Dishonor: Reading John 13-21


Moloney's literary-historical commentary offers a close reading of the final section of the Gospel of John, taking the reader on a journey through Jesus' final night and his ministry's climax in passion, death, and resurrection. Concluding his unique trilogy, Moloney shows how the reader is led on a journey of faith by the Gospel writer, culminating in the belief in Jesus the Christ and having life in his name, despite his absence.


The title of this final volume of my narrative commentary on the Fourth Gospel was inspired by a sermon of the eighthcentury abbot St. Theodore the Studite on the adoration of the cross: “Indeed an unheard of exchange! We are given life instead of death, incorruptibility instead of corruption, glory instead of dishonor.” the Johannine account of the death and resurrection of Jesus (John 18–20), with its lengthy introduction (chaps. 13–17), reads Jesus’ death as a departure by means of a “lifting up.” God is made known, and a community of believers is founded. Its members will love as he has loved—guided, strengthened, and taught by the Paraclete. As the cross draws together the threads of the story, the traditional climax to the story of Jesus, the resurrection (20:1–31), has a different function in the Johannine narrative strategy. My study of the Gospel will close with a brief reflection on the place of John 21.

Some recent scholarship has withdrawn approval for the approach I have adopted for my reading of the Fourth Gospel. a postmodern

For the Greek text, with a Latin translation, see St. Theodore the Studite, Oratio iiIn Adorationem Cruris (PG 99:696B). the earlier volumes are F.J. Moloney, Belief in the Word: Reading John 1–4 (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1993); idem, Signs and Shadows: Reading John 5–12 (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1996).

See especially S. D. Moore, Poststructuralism and the New Testament: Derrida and Foucault at the Foot of the Cross (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1994), 65–81; the Bible and Culture Collective, The Postmodern Bible (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1995), 20-

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