Delegation & Supervision

Delegation & Supervision

Delegation & Supervision

Delegation & Supervision


Managers are judged by the results they deliver--and more than anything else, those results hinge on the ability to delegate and supervise. You will be surprised at how efficient and easy to manage your team becomes when you master these essential skills. This handy, pocket-sized guide reveals 21 time-tested ways to boost the performance and productivity of your employees, including how to:
  • Define work, assign it, and set measurable, targeted standards for performance
  • Match skills to job requirements
  • Use Management by Objectives to delegate longer-term tasks to trusted team members
  • Monitor, control, and keep on top of projects with minimum effort
  • Turn delegation into a teaching tool and build the confidence of your staff
  • Provide useful feedback and elicit active participation
  • Avoid reverse delegation
  • Free up time for higher-level tasks only you can tackle
  • And much more

Done right, delegation and supervision allow your employees to learn, grow, and become more capable. Your success will skyrocket as you increase the quality and quantity of results, and build the loyalty, involvement, and commitment of your people.


Delegation is one of the essential skills of effective management. Without the ability to delegate effectively and well, it is not possible to fulfill your potential as an executive.

Management has been defined as “getting results through others.” Inherent in this definition is the idea of effective delegation of tasks, duties, and responsibilities to your staff. Your ability and willingness to delegate is crucial to your advancement and to your success in business.

Many managers have difficulty delegating. They are often unwilling or unable to delegate, greatly limiting their chances for advancement. Since the alternative to delegating is doing it yourself, these managers end up with so many responsibilities and jobs to do personally that they are unable to make their full contribution to their organizations.

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