The Study and Writing of Poetry

The Study and Writing of Poetry

The Study and Writing of Poetry

The Study and Writing of Poetry


This handbook provides a clear and lively introduction to the study and writing of poetry at the high school and undergraduate levels. Fifty contemporary American women poets candidly discuss the techniques involved in writing poetry. The major revisions are consolidation of bibliographies from each chapter and a revised glossary.


For this book fifty women poets have written essays on all accepted forms. Also, some new forms have been included which we feel will be accepted after studying this book. They have prepared their essays in contemporary form and from a woman’s viewpoint but be assured, they have referred to the old masters, many of them men, for research and reference. The poems in this book are theirs or those of well-known women poets of this era.

It is a first of its kind in the marketplace.

While there are many excellent study books on the market today, there are none that compare to the completeness of this volume. It takes a poetry form and gives you the origin, history, how to build the form into a poem and an example(s) to enlighten you. The techniques of writing poetry are discussed in articles covering each technique in detail and with example poetry. One section takes up syllabic poetry for exercises in classrooms, seminars, workshops, or for study by the individual poet. Every poet represented in this book has been or is a teacher at college or university level, or is an editor of a poetry magazine, or a lecturer.

There are two uses of language—everyday use and its transfiguration into literary art. Language is one essential tool which almost anyone can handle as effortlessly as he uses the limbs and organs of the body. We are not all born poets so we should master the craft. To do it, we must have instruments. This book is such an instrument. Use it and become a craftsman of the art of writing poetry that will live on into other centuries.

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