Magic and Paganism in Early Christianity: The World of the Acts of the Apostles


Klauck describes the religious world into whichChristianity was born, by looking at it from the many experiences of the firstChristians as recorded in Acts. For example: Peter encounters Simon themagician, the people of Lystra want to offer sacrifices to Paul and Barnabas,and a soothsaying slave-girl is the occasion for conflict in Philippi. We cometo Athens where Paul finds the city full of idols but also discovers an altar"to an unknown god" and delivers the famous Areopagus speech, and to Ephesus,where some burn their books of magic formulae, while others provoke a riot inthe name of Artemis.

"Magic and Paganism in Early Christianity" makesfor a fascinating account of these phenomena and their significance forChristianity historically and today.


  • A fresh treatment of the Book of Acts in light of Greco-Roman religions
  • Extensive bibliography
  • Multiple indexes


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