The Star Factor

The Star Factor

The Star Factor

The Star Factor


In every company, a select few produce more, sell more, and deliver better results. These stellar performers consistently outshine their peers- and achieve more than most would believe possible. If only these people could be cloned! The Star Factor delivers the next best thing: a unique system for unlocking their wisdom, transforming that knowledge into actionable steps, and helping other employees internalize these new attitudes and behaviors, bringing much-needed change to the whole organization.

The book's proven Affirmative Leadership methodology has produced astonishing results for companies in a range of industries: The world's largest semiconductor manufacturer doubled its accuracy rate for inventory management forecasting; and a top fast food chain dramatically reduced its employee turnover.

Supported by recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, including research on motivation, learning, and achievement, The Star Factor presents a sustainable, people-centered system to build a culture of greatness that starts with the stars and spreads to every corner and every level of the organization.


“We have a big problem .” As consultants we heard that phrase from clients all the time, but in this particular instance it got us started on the research that led us to the methodology at the heart of this book.

We were sitting across the table from the vice president of engineering for a large semi- conductor manufacturing company. We had been brought in to examine the project management practices being used to develop a critical new product. The project was substantially behind schedule, over budget, and torn apart by conflicts.

The troubles were due to dysfunction in the actual leadership structure. The real leaders of the project—six star performers—were completely overloaded. The other 650 people working on it were waiting for them to make decisions. The company asked us to discover what made these six stars so effective and then transfer that knowledge to others so overall productivity could increase. Top management knew that raising everyone to the level of their star performers would have huge financial benefits.

They also said they really disliked consultants and loved systems and tools. They asked us to create a system that could gather the motivating factors and operational efficiencies of their star performers’ expertise and supplement it with soft-

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