Partnering: The New Face of Leadership

Partnering: The New Face of Leadership

Partnering: The New Face of Leadership

Partnering: The New Face of Leadership


The future of business growth is in the partnerships that companies and their executives form. Partnering explains how critical it is for business leaders to "partner" effectively, and features original contributions from more than 30 thought leaders, including such luminaries as Ken Blanchard, Jim Kouzes and Brian Tracy. Topics cover:

• Ken Blanchard on situational leadership • Beverly Kaye on building, living, and leaving a legacy for the organization • Kevin Cashman's Five Touchstones of Authentic Partnering Leadership • Robert Kaplan on the Balanced Scorecard for leadership • R. Roosevelt Thomas on fostering trust and resonance through diversity • Jim Kouzes on building cultures of collaboration • Brian Tracy on the importance and power of focus • Jon Katzenbach on where team performance fits in the balanced leadership approach


Why did some of the most important visionaries in management science join forces to produce this book? Because this is a very special moment in time, the cause the book supports is worthy and valid, and the idea of partnering as a leadership and management mandate is appropriate and important.

The moment in time

The early years of the decade 2000–2010 have already brought major shifts in global and domestic awareness. Not since World War II has there been such an urgent need to link people, thoughts, knowledge, and information. During the Great War, world populations came together to overcome the threat to the very principles on which many religions, societies, and communities were based, including the freedom to live life without destroying the rights of others; the defense of beliefs and a way of life that protected those who were different; and the opportunities for self-actualization that Abraham Maslow wrote and taught. Out of that war came economic opportunities, as well as moments of great courage as individuals and countries fought against evil. the world of business rose to the occasion, and then the postwar, baby boomer population exploded the macro- and microeconomic scene as corporations grew and fed the huge consumer demand that still drives growth worldwide.

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