Aristotle on Generation and Corruption, Book 1: Symposium Aristotelicum

Aristotle on Generation and Corruption, Book 1: Symposium Aristotelicum

Aristotle on Generation and Corruption, Book 1: Symposium Aristotelicum

Aristotle on Generation and Corruption, Book 1: Symposium Aristotelicum


In this collection, a stellar team of ancient philosophers from the UK, the USA, and Europe present a systematic, chapter-by-chapter study of one of Aristotle's key texts in his science and metaphysics Contributors include Keimpe Algra, Sarah Broadie, Jacques Brunschwig, M. F. Burnyeat, David Charles, Alan Code, John M. Cooper, Michael Crubellier, Dorothea Frede, Edward Hussey, Carlo Natali, David Sedley, and Christian Wildberg.


The XVth Symposium Aristotelicum met from 21 to 28 August 1999 in Deurne, the Netherlands. We stayed at the Missiehuis St Willebrord, just outside town. We enjoyed the quiet atmosphere and spacious grounds of the Missiehuis, with their little lake, the weather being exceptionally favourable.

We followed the tradition of the Symposium by bringing together colleagues from various countries to study and discuss a topic of major interest in Aristotelian studies. We took the individual chapters of the first book of the foundational De generatione et corruptione as the theme of (at least) one presentation and discussion, and left one session for discussion of this book as a whole. In this way the tendency of the more recent meetings of the Symposium to devote special attention to (a substantial part) of an Aristotelian treatise was continued.

The chapters of the present collection do not form, and are not intended to form, a commentary on the treatise, though individual sections and passages are of course commented on. Instead, we want to focus on specific issues and controversial points, hoping that this inquiry will bring some measure of enlightenment to our readers, though disagreements on particular questions are unavoidably included. As always, the final versions of the papers differ from the drafts read at the Symposium, the authors having profited from the discussions, and from the comments they happened to receive while revising their text. The paper presented by Jaap Mansfeld has been integrated to some extent in that of Keimpe Algra.

Apart from the persons who read papers, the other participants were Enrico Berti, David Charles, Andrea Falcon, Michael Frede, Frans de Haas, Paul Kalligas, Geoffrey Lloyd, Mario Mignucci, Jan van Ophuijsen, Marwan Rashed, Bertus de Rijk, David Runia, Theodore Scaltsas, Malcolm Schofield, and Gerhard Seel.

The Symposium was financed by a generous grant from the Department of Philosophy, Utrecht University for which we are grateful. Our stay at the Missiehuis was made most pleasant by the unforgettable hospitality of Ms Nora Hendriks and Father Koos van Dijk, and the assistance of Marnix Hoekstra, who studies ancient philosophy at Utrecht.

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