The Secrets of College Success

The Secrets of College Success

The Secrets of College Success

The Secrets of College Success


If you're currently a college student, or plan on being one, you need to check out this book. Written by award-winning professors Lynn Jacobs and Jeremy Hyman, it's loaded with insider information that only professors know--but few are willing to reveal. The over 600 tips in this book will show you:
  • How to pick good courses and avoid bad professors
  • How to develop "college-level" skills and habits that'll put you ahead of the pack
  • How to get through the freshman comp, math, language, and lab science requirements--in one try
  • How to figure out what's going to be on the tests, and what professors are looking for in papers and presentations
  • How to pick a major you'll really like--and be good at
  • How to get the edge for graduate school--or the inside track to a really good job
  • And much more.

The tips are quick and easy-to-use, and the advice is friendly and supportive. It's as if you had your own personal professor guiding you on the path to college success.


You might not know this, but you’re going to college at the very best time in the last five hundred years. New media, twenty-first-century technologies, better professors, government funding for college—all of these go together to make this a wonderful time to be at college.

That is—if you know what to do.

You might have thought professors and advisers would tell you all you need to know. You wouldn’t be right. Some professors think part of college is figuring out on your own what’s expected. Others think it’s a waste of class time to go over how to manage your time, study, prepare for tests, or write papers. Still others think that if they tell you what to do, you’ll think it’s a recipe for an A, which, if you don’t get, will result in a colossal grade dispute—something no professor wants.

And, at some colleges, the booming enrollments have simply made it impossible for professors, advisers, and staff to give you the advice and attention you need and deserve—no matter how much they’d like to.

And so we’ve written The Secrets of College Success—the first book to offer quick tips, all written by professors, that’ll help you achieve your full potential at college. Whether you’re a beginning or advanced student; whether you’re at a four-year college, community college, or taking courses on the Web; whether you’re already doing pretty well at college or maybe not as well as you’d like; even if you’re a high school student just beginning to think about college—this book is for you.

The secrets we reveal and the tips that we offer are the product of over thirty years of teaching experience at eight different colleges—big and small, private colleges and state universities, good schools and not-allthat-good schools. Over ten thousand students have tried the tips—and we can tell you they really work.

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