The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics

The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics

The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics

The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics


Featuring updates, revisions, and new essays from various scholars within the Christian tradition, The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethic s, Second Edition reveals how Christian worship is the force that shapes the moral life of Christians.
  • Features new essays on class, race, disability, gender, peace, and the virtues
  • Includes a number of revised essays and a range of new authors
  • The innovative and influential approach organizes ethical themes around the shape of Christian worship
  • The original edition is the most successful to-date in the Companions to Religion series


We are gratified that a second edition of The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics seems needed. The first edition, as we had hoped, seems to have struck a chord – an image we think particularly appropriate for a book shaped by the presumption that there is, and must be, a liturgical shape to the Christian moral life. That presumption was, however, just that: namely, a presumption that begged for concrete development. We asked much, therefore, from those who wrote in the first edition; that there is now a second edition is a testimony to their labors.

Given the exploratory character of our first endeavor, we thought it wise to provide each author of the chapters in the first edition an opportunity to revise their essays in the light of what has been learned since the publication of the book. Several of our authors took advantage of that opportunity. We also thought that some of the chapters, such as those on war, disability, and euthanasia, might benefit by being written by a different author or authors. There was nothing “wrong” with the original chapters on those topics, but we simply thought it would be interesting to have those topics addressed from a fresh perspective.

We also have added chapters on class, race, feminism, and the virtues. That we have done so we hope indicates that we really have learned something from reviews and reactions to the first edition. We had assumed that those topics had been addressed by several of the chapters in the first edition, but we were clearly wrong.

We never intended for The Blackwell Companion to Christian Ethics to be the last word on Christian ethics. Indeed, we wanted it to be “a beginning word” that would span diverse but hopefully complementary ways to think about Christian theology and ethics. For example one of us, Hauerwas, thinks Wells’s and Quash’s Introduction to Christian Ethics exemplifies the kind of book we hope The Blackwell Companion makes possible.

We again thank all the authors who have made this book possible. We are grateful to Rebekah Eklund, whose attention to detail and eye for clarity have done much to improve the manuscript. Especially we thank Rebecca Harkin, not only for making . . .

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