Kellogg on Marketing

Kellogg on Marketing

Kellogg on Marketing

Kellogg on Marketing


The business classic, fully revised and updated for today's marketers

The second edition of Kellogg on Marketing provides a unique and highly regarded perspective on both the basics of marketing and on new issues that are challenging businesses today.

  • Includes more than 60% new material on both fundamental marketing concepts and hot topics such as Product Innovation, Social Media, Marketing to Consumers at the Bottom of the Pyramid, and Internal Branding
  • With a foreword by Philip Kotler
  • The Kellogg School of Management is recognized around the world as the leading MBA program in Marketing

Along with the new material, the core concepts covered in the first edition have all been updated-including targeting and positioning, segmentation, consumer insights, and more. This is a must-have marketing reference.


In introducing the first edition of this largely revised and expanded book, Kellogg on Marketing, I pointed out that a book that seriously examined marketing thinking was greatly needed because markets were changing faster than marketing. Markets are changing so fast that they hardly resemble those of the 1990s, let alone the 1950s. Yet many of the ideas and frameworks that marketers use have not kept pace.

No matter what features of markets you look at, the pace of change has increased. Advertising has exploded beyond the former mainstay of the television commercial to appear on almost anything that can serve as a medium: blogs, web sites, YouTube, Second Life, electronic billboards, even shopping bags and napkins. Distribution is not confined to one or two physical channels but increasingly takes myriad forms, including the proliferating digital channels. Pricing becomes ever more complex with the pressures of recession and international competition. Brands continue to be vital, but they are more and more difficult to establish and keep relevant to consumers.

On top of all this, the economy is awash in hypercompetition. With so many companies chasing the same markets, the role of innovation and finding new consumers has become necessary for survival. This is a time when everyone in a company, not just the marketers and salespeople, need to think about marketing and collaborate in carrying it out.

The purpose of this new book is to help managers think about marketing in ways that correspond to what is happening in markets around the world. It revisits the fundamental concepts that continue to guide sound marketing practice, updating these concepts to reflect the current market conditions. In addition, the authors discuss the many emerging opportunities and challenges for marketers, drawing on scholarly research as well as their years of experience working with leading companies around the globe. They offer important insights on topics such as marketing to consumers at the bottom of the economic pyramid, the effect of social media on branding, and strategies for effective innovation. They also discuss the connection between marketing . . .

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