Leading across Boundaries: Creating Collaborative Agencies in a Networked World

Leading across Boundaries: Creating Collaborative Agencies in a Networked World

Leading across Boundaries: Creating Collaborative Agencies in a Networked World

Leading across Boundaries: Creating Collaborative Agencies in a Networked World


Praise for Leading Across Boundaries

"Leading Across Boundaries is a terrific resource for nonprofit leaders. It is filled with great stories of collaboration, and also with the how-to's to make them work!"
-Arlene Kaukus, former president, United Way of Buffalo and Erie County, and a nonprofit consultant

"Linden illustrates the importance of collaboration, but drives further into issues of networks to teach us valuable lessons about core interests, trust, leadership, and success. This book is a very valuable and timely resource for practitioners who seek to produce more value from effective collaboration."
-Stephen Goldsmith, Daniel Paul Professor of Government, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and author, The Power of Social Innovation

"Linden provides a fresh, practitioner-oriented perspective on the topic of collaboration-especially for those in the public and nonprofit sectors wanting to benefit from Web 2.0 and social-networking technologies. It's a gem of a book and a terrific road map for leading change."

-Warren Master, president and editor-in-chief, The Public Manager

"Linden uses fabulous examples to illustrate the essential ideas for collaboration and for effective leadership. His discussions of political acumen and the interpersonal side of collaboration are especially enlightening. I've been a manager for a long time, and wish I'd read this book earlier in my career!"
-Ellen Switkes, assistant vice president emeritus, academic advancement, office of the president, University of California

"Trust, transparency, and relationships are keys to successful collaboration. Linden takes these concepts and more and constructs a masterful lesson plan for us to follow."
-Tim Longo, police chief, Charlottesville, Virginia

"...an invaluable contribution to anyone charged with shaping organizations, big and small."-Don Kettl, author, The Next Government of the United States

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.


Collaboration is vital, difficult, and learnable.

Vital. in today’s networked world, the most important work is done through collaboration—working across organizational boundaries. Whether the work involves protecting children from abuse, developing clean sources of energy, providing quality health care, improving our schools, or working with a host of other issues, nonprofit and government agencies are dealing with increasingly complex challenges. Meeting these challenges successfully is vital to our nation’s well-being. Yet none of them can be solved by any one agency or skill set: complexity by its very nature requires a variety of perspectives. That is to say, it requires collaboration.

Difficult. Simply put, collaboration is not for the faint of heart. in Chapter One and throughout the book, I’ll be discussing a host of collaboration hurdles. Some of them stem from people’s psychological wiring (think of the delightful egotists and information hoarders who sometimes make you wonder why you came to work that day). Some are organizational, like the hiring, measurement, recognition, and promotion systems that focus people on individual performance (even though the agency’s leaders stress teamwork). and some hurdles are built into the very fabric of our individualistic society.

Learnable. Like chaos theory, which reveals the order beneath seemingly random events, there is an underlying structure to . . .

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