Mission-Based Management: Leading Your Not-for-Profit in the 21st Century

Mission-Based Management: Leading Your Not-for-Profit in the 21st Century

Mission-Based Management: Leading Your Not-for-Profit in the 21st Century

Mission-Based Management: Leading Your Not-for-Profit in the 21st Century


The only nonprofit management book you must have-in an exciting new edition

As a nonprofit manager, you have to be more effective and more efficient than ever to win funding and support to ensure your organization pursues its mission, meets community needs, and maintains its budget, while juggling the demands of funders, clientele, boards, staff, and community. This Third Edition of Mission-Based Management provides comprehensive, hands-on guidance that addresses your unique concerns as a nonprofit manager and policy-maker

  • Addresses the effects of SOX, organizational transparency, new technologies, technology planning, and marketing in today's environment
  • Is written by a nationally recognized expert who has trained thousands of nonprofit managers in hundreds of seminars on the best practices in nonprofit management
  • Includes in each chapter a recap and a list of questions for group discussion

More than ever before, as a nonprofit manager, you want and need practical guidance on how to do your job and run your organization more effectively and efficiently. And more than ever before, Mission-Based Management, Third Edition provides the definitive answer.


It has been a long, strange road for all of us since the second edition of Mission-Based Management was published in 2000. As I read through the second edition, in preparation for writing this edition, I was repeatedly amazed at how much of the world we, and in particular the nonprofit sector, have changed; how many steps we have taken forward and how many back. While much of what I wrote in the last edition still holds true, particularly the core principles, so many of the trends that were just becoming evident then are completely absorbing now. For example, in 2000, most nonprofits had just gotten their first Web site, were feeling their way on how to use e-mail to its fullest extent, and nobody, not even a 16-year-old, had heard of texting. Many of us still carried beepers… so last century.

In 2000, the economy was booming, federal deficits were “a thing of the past,” and very few if any of us would have been able to answer the question: Who is Osama bin Laden? When the second edition came out, Bill Clinton was president, Al Gore was ahead in the race to succeed him, and Barack Obama was a state senator in Illinois, just beginning to think about running for the U.S. Senate in 2004.

So much has changed on so many levels, and it is time for a refreshed set of priorities for the mission-based manager. I have looked at, and revised, the characteristics of a successful mission-based organization. I have given you an updated set of predictions for the next ten years, added an entire chapter on ethics, accountability, and transparency, and brought the chapters on financial empowerment, marketing, and social entrepreneurship into agreement with the books I have written on those subjects since Mission-Based Management was published. I have also edited and updated the discussion questions at the end of each chapter to allow you to generate better conversations with your staff and board about which parts of the book most apply to your organization’s unique needs.

It is a fascinating and exciting time to be in the nonprofit world. We have more challenges, more opportunity, and more ways to respond to the increasing community needs that are at our doors. As a nation, as a planet, we need our nonprofits more than ever, certainly more than we did in 2000. We have to take our mission to a new level and a new Mission-Based Management will help you, your board, and staff get there.

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