The Rolling Stones: A Musical Biography

The Rolling Stones: A Musical Biography

The Rolling Stones: A Musical Biography

The Rolling Stones: A Musical Biography


By 1964 the United States had been "invaded" by a number of British bands, led by the Beatles. The Rolling Stones were seen as more rebellious and rowdy than The Beatles--they were the "bad boys" as opposed to the "good boys"--and this reputation only served to enhance their popularity with their teenage fans. The Stones far outlasted the Beatles and all the other 60s-era British bands, however The Rolling Stones not only continued, but flourished, their tours drawing enormous crowds for decades.

"The Rolling Stones: A Musical Biography" chronicles the fascinating adventures of these Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees and sheds light on what has allowed these music legends to enjoy such lifelong popularity and success.


Green Day! The Beatles! U2! The Rolling Stones! These are just a few of the many bands that have shaped our lives. Written for high school students and general readers, each volume in this exciting series traces the life of a band from its beginning to the present day. Each examines the early life and family of band members, their formative years and inspirations, their career preparation and training, and the band’s awards, achievements, and lasting contributions to music.

Designed to foster student research, the series has a convenient format. Each book begins with a timeline that charts the major events in the life of the band. The narrative chapters that follow trace the birth, growth, and lasting influence of the band across time. Appendices highlight awards and other accomplishments, while a selected bibliography lists the most important print and electronic resources for high school student research — or for anyone just interested in learning more about the band.

These books also help students learn about social history. Music, perhaps more than any other force, has shaped our culture, especially in recent times. Songs comment on the events of their era and capture the spirit of their age. They powerfully touch the lives of listeners and help people — especially young people — define who . . .

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