Inside the Minds of Sexual Predators

Inside the Minds of Sexual Predators

Inside the Minds of Sexual Predators

Inside the Minds of Sexual Predators


This revealing look inside the minds of sexual predators, from cyber-stalkers to rapists to teachers who exploit underage children, explains why they commit their heinous crimes.

• Compelling case studies keep readers of all levels fascinated by the information revealed

• Chapters are arranged by predator type, which keeps information and theory organized for easier reference and comparison

• Includes a bibliography offering selected resources for scholars in criminology, sociology, and psychology


After Anthony Barron was convicted of eighty-nine sexual offenses against children, his wife of twenty-three years went on the record to say how shocked she was. “Everyone thought they could trust him,” she said. “He could be so charming, but obviously there was more to it than that.” With three children between them and several grandchildren, she could not understand why she had not seen any signs.

Successful predators are often so clever and secretive that even the people closest to them fail to recognize what they are doing. They devise a convincing façade, they have a long list of prepared excuses, and when suspicions arise they’re skilled at reassuring others that nothing is wrong. They exploit trust and know how to twist what people want to believe into a false sense of security. Barron, fifty-four, had managed a bank and, in retirement, he was active in a parent-teacher organization. Around his neighborhood, he was a trusted babysitter. Children adored him, despite the fact that he was getting sexual gratification from at least eleven little girls.

Barron’s oldest victim was twelve, the youngest only three, and a set of twins was four. His plan had been elaborate and his maintenance system cunning. First, he worked on the parents, earning their trust. Since he was himself a grandfather, many of Barron’s neighbors allowed him to watch their children in his own home. Then, when he had the girls to himself, he charmed them with treats, games, and toys. Gradually, he would get them used to being filmed with a video camera, and then he progressed to . . .

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