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This engagingly written introduction examines modern libertarianism and its answers to today's most pressing issues- the economy, war, health care, and more.

• Endnotes and lists of recommended readings for each topic covered point readers to additional books and articles


Is libertarianism an idea whose time has come? Maybe not. In 2008, Americans elected a president who openly urges a bigger, more invasive government. The federal government is taking over businesses and dominating industries in unprecedented ways, spending trillions of taxpayer dollars along the way. Across the country, innocent men, women, and children are being brutalized by increasingly militarized police supposedly waging war on terror, drugs, and crime. American troops remain in Iraq, Afghanistan, and over a hundred other countries around the globe. Every day, in nearly every way, government only gets bigger and more inhumane.

On the other hand, libertarians do have some cause for hope—more now, perhaps, than at any other point in our lifetimes. Libertarianism used to be of interest only to a scattered handful of students and activists; the movement was so small that it seemed like everyone in it knew everyone else in it. Today, libertarians are not a majority, but they are innumerable and they are everywhere.

The biggest sign of hope has been the presidential campaign of Ron Paul, the Texas Congressman and physician who sought the Republican nomination in 2008. He did not win or even come close, but something in his candidacy, which focused on the libertarian themes of peace and freedom, touched a nerve with a lot of people.

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