Women and Islam

Women and Islam

Women and Islam

Women and Islam


This balanced exploration provides the basis for an energetic engagement with what it means to be a Muslim woman in a globalized world.

• 14 essays by a range of scholars specializing in the geographical regions represented

• A comprehensive glossary of key non-English terms in Arabic, Malay, Urdu, Amharic, Farsi, and other languages cited in the book


The subject of Muslim women or women in Islam continues to provoke horror, fascination, pity, anger, sadness, and at times, vitriolic reactions against both Muslim men and Islam. The chapters in this volume, on the other hand, will, it is hoped, invoke a different kind of response, perhaps of admiration for the work of many of these women. More realistically, this volume hopes to stimulate further discussion over more sober understandings of challenges faced and strategies employed by Muslim women around the world in attending to the realities of daily life. Each chapter takes us to a different part of the globe and affords us a glimpse into the many diverse ways in which Muslim women are actively involved in addressing the conditions imbedded in their discrete environments, taking up the opportunities afforded to them, and, in some instances, creating spaces for an energetic engagement with what it means to be a Muslim woman in a globalized world.

This volume was conceived as the volume on Islam in a series titled Women and Religion in the World. Its intent is to focus on contemporary selected experiences of women and how their lives interface with religion. Each volume is organized according to five themes: (1) Women, Family, and Environment; (2) Socioeconomics, Politics, and Authority; (3) Body, Mind, and Spirit; (4) Sexuality, Power, and Vulnerability; and (5) Women, Worldview, and Religious Practice. Although the boundaries between each of the themes are permeable, the chapters under each theme illumine different lenses through which the theme may be engaged.

As the chapters reveal, the challenges Muslim women face arise both from within and outside, whether in relation to Islam or their national . . .

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