Practice-Based Learning: Developing Excellence in Teaching

Practice-Based Learning: Developing Excellence in Teaching

Practice-Based Learning: Developing Excellence in Teaching

Practice-Based Learning: Developing Excellence in Teaching


The introduction of Chartered Teacher status in Scotland has created the need for a text that helps teachers undertake the practice-based elements of that standard. The editors and contributors to this volume provide theoretical and practical tools to enable teachers to develop their classroom practice within the current context of Scottish education, where improving teaching and learning is no longer simply construed as an individual endeavor. The focus is on the development of evidence-informed practice through the use of reflexive- and enquiry-based approaches to improving the learning of pupils in schools. The book draws on the work of teachers both in their own classrooms and also as members of collaborative professional enquiry groups. The book provides teachers with an overview of the processes and the experience of developing their teaching which is both theoretically sound and practicable. Practice-Based Learning has international appeal in all countries where the development and recognition of 'expert teachers' is a priority.


Alison Fox and Jenny Reeves

This book is written to support teachers who are interested in learning how to develop their practice through taking action in their classrooms. As a group of practitioners working in schools and higher education we hope it will be particularly helpful to those who would like to know more about what it means to learn through engaging in research-led teaching. Each chapter draws on the experience of participants in a professional enquiry programme in Scotland where successful completion on the part of experienced teachers leads to the achievement of Chartered Teacher status.

In this opening chapter we set the scene by looking at the international developments in school improvement that have led to an increasing emphasis in the policy field on the redefinition and reshaping of teacher professionalism. Next, we look at nationally established framings of what it means to be an accomplished classroom teacher and compare the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS, 2000) framework in the USA with the Scottish Standard for Chartered Teacher (SE, 2002c). Then we explore the notion of evidence-informed practice and professional enquiry as processes that underpin the development of accomplished teaching before finally providing a synopsis of the chapters that follow.

School improvement and teacher professionalism

Since the 1980s a consistent drive for school improvement in the public sector has been characteristic of a number of countries where compulsory education has been long established. The emphasis on improving performance in education coincided with a marked disillusionment with the quality of public services being expressed by politicians and influential elements . . .

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