The Color of Politics: Racism in the American Political Arena Today

The Color of Politics: Racism in the American Political Arena Today

The Color of Politics: Racism in the American Political Arena Today

The Color of Politics: Racism in the American Political Arena Today


How have the increasing diversity of our people and the election of the first black president influenced American politics? This book investigates every aspect of race and politics from voter ID laws to redistricting to the use of racially divisive issues in campaigns. Each of the seven chapters explores a specific political issue from its historical origin to its legacy in present-day politics, and the book features some of the most controversial topics on the subject, including disguised racism and the myth of a post-racial America.

"The Color of Politics: Racism in the American Political Arena Today" considers a wide spectrum of political issues as it relates to minority populations. The author asserts that from the Bradley effect of the 1980s to the discourse used by the Tea Party, racism has left a lasting imprint on contemporary politics over the last 30 years.


It is with great pleasure that I write this foreword for the inaugural book in Praeger Publisher’s new series, Racism in American Institutions (RAI). The RAI series examines the ways in which racism has become a part of the fabric of many American institutions. For example, while the United States may have done away with overtly racist policies such as Jim Crow segregation and disfranchisement laws, racism still affects many of the United States’ established institutions from public schools to corporate offices. Schools may not be legally segregated, and yet many districts are not integrated. Prisons are another example, when one considers the racist policies within the legal and penal systems that account for so many people of color behind bars. This open-ended series of one-volume works examines the problem of racism in established U.S. institutions. Each book traces the prevalence of racism within that institution throughout the history of the United States and explores the problem in that institution today, looking at ways in which the institution has attempted to rectify racism, but also the ways in which it has not.

The first book in the RAI series is Chris Danielson’s The Color of Politics: Race and Racism in the American Political Arena Today, an expertly argued history of racism in the American political sphere. Danielson is perfectly suited for this subject. An associate professor of history at Montana Tech, he has written about race and politics for a decade. Most recently, his monograph After Freedom Summer: How Race Realigned Politics in Mississippi, 1965–1986 (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2012), explored the rightward shift of politics in Mississippi since the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Danielson ably examines not only racism within the party politics of the Magnolia State, he also explored African American political mobilizations and the presence of black Republicans in the Mississippi Republican Party.

In The Color of Politics, Danielson shifts his focus to examine how race and racism have been used as potent weapons by politicians for . . .

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