Terrorists in Our Midst: Combating Foreign-Affinity Terrorism in America

Terrorists in Our Midst: Combating Foreign-Affinity Terrorism in America

Terrorists in Our Midst: Combating Foreign-Affinity Terrorism in America

Terrorists in Our Midst: Combating Foreign-Affinity Terrorism in America


This unique work analyzes for the first time how foreign-affinity terrorism works in a major democratic nation like the United States, and what this country must do to survive the terror challenge, on both conventional and unconventional levels.

To date, no definitive study has dealt specifically with the role of American citizens in supporting a foreign political, ideological, and religious illegal agenda. Terrorists in Our Midst: Combating Foreign-Affinity Terrorism in America remedies that as six expert authors discuss the threats of Americans to security interests in the United States and elsewhere, exploring what can and should be done to reduce a risk that may threaten the very survival of the free world.

Terrorists in Our Midst focuses not only on foreign nationals operating in the United States, but also on American citizens participating in terror networks at home and abroad. The book presents an overview of both conventional and unconventional terrorism, surveys the terrorist threat in the United States by state and nonstate actors, and analyzes the foreign-affinity links of American operatives in this country and abroad. Most important for the safety and security of the United States, it offers an assessment of what policies worked and what did not work, specifying a “best practices” agenda of recommendations that should be adopted by the United States and the international community.


-Contributions from six distinguished academics and professionals with wide experiences in public and private service

-Case studies of the major U.S. counterterrorism strategies, including intelligence, law enforcement, border security, financial issues, and civil liberties concerns increase public and governmental understanding of the risks of, and possible responses to, future foreign-affinity terrorism

-A compilation of selected American foreign-affinity terrorists operating at home and abroad


-The first comprehensive book to analyze the efforts to further different political, ideological, or religious foreign terrorist interests in the United States with the collaboration of like-minded American citizens.

-Examines in great detail how foreign-affinity terrorism works, including propaganda, recruitment, funding, training, supply of weapons, and modus operandi of the networks.

-Focuses on how the U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement agencies have attempted to thwart or punish those international organizations that threaten America by using various resources within this country and abroad.

-Offers a "best practices," counter-terrorism agenda to combat the challenge of foreign-affinity


Immunity from terrorism is unfortunately long gone. Understanding and combating terrorism—starting with a thorough critical analysis—will allow every country to counter this constantly evolving threat. Most discussions regarding terrorism focus on the traditional—a recap of what has happened and the tactics employed by foreigners. Terrorists in Our Midst takes the discussion of affinity terrorism in America to the next intellectual level.

Dr. Yonah Alexander has woven a mosaic of prescient thoughts that defines affinity terrorism—how it has been dealt with to date and most importantly what must be done in the future. He succinctly provides definitional perspectives that serve as the needed foundational piece to understand the contributing factors, state sponsorship, and the future outlook of terrorism, what he defines as super terrorism. Dr. Alexander then transitions to America’s homegrown terrorism issues and then directly focuses on affinity terrorism and what counterterrorism strategies have been taken to combat the issue. By focusing on foreign nationals and American citizens alike and looking at terror networks both home and abroad, this work holistically addresses the entire problem. His opening missive magnificently sets the table for the remaining chapters.

The following six chapters dissect what Dr. Alexander has introduced and provide insights that need to be understood by every American. The initial focus is the role intelligence plays and how intelligence has to be analyzed and shared in order to safeguard our nation. The background and detailed analysis superbly illustrate the challenges that have confronted the intelligence community in the past and that will continue to challenge it in the future. The focus on the PATRIOT Act and its implications are especially revealing and are continually stressed throughout the book. The spotlight then transitions to the role of law enforcement, with special focus on efforts . . .

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