The Words and Music of Ice Cube

The Words and Music of Ice Cube

The Words and Music of Ice Cube

The Words and Music of Ice Cube


Ice Cube is one of the most influential figures in the history of rap and hip-hop. Here, author Gail Hilson Woldu examines the entirety of Ice Cube's recorded work alongside his artistic collaborations in film. Best known for the vitriol of his "angry black man" recordings of the late 1980s and mid 1990s, Ice Cube epitomizes the genre often referred to as gangsta rap. Much of his music from these years is focused on the disturbing realities of life in black urban ghettos, and as a result it chronicles such complex and controversial issues as racial stereotypes, street gangs, racial profiling, "black on black" crime, teen pregnancy, absentee fathers, and male-female relationships. Since moving away from music to some extent, Ice Cube has gone on to star in the Barbershop and Are We There Yet? film series. Woldu looks back over all of Ice Cube's work to date and considers his impact and his legacy in music and popular culture at large.


Although the term, Singer-Songwriters, might most frequently be associated with a cadre of musicians of the early 1970s such as Paul Simon, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, and Carole King, the Praeger Singer-Songwriter Collection defines singer-songwriters more broadly, both in terms of style and in terms of time period. the series includes volumes on musicians who have been active from approximately the 1960s through the present. Musicians who write and record in folk, rock, soul, hip-hop, country, and various hybrids of these styles will be represented. Therefore, some of the early 1970s introspective singer-songwriters named above will be included, but not exclusively.

What do the individuals included in this series have in common? Some have never collaborated as writers. But, while some have done so, all have written and recorded commercially successful and/or historically important music and lyrics at some point in their careers.

The authors who contribute to the series also exhibit diversity. Some are scholars who are trained primarily as musicians, while others have such areas of specialization as American studies, history, sociology, popular culture studies, literature, and rhetoric. the authors share a high level of scholarship, accessibility in their writing, and a true insight into the work of the artists they study. the authors are also focused on the output of their subjects and how it relates to their subject’s biography and the society around them; however, biography in and of itself is not a major focus of the books in this series.

Given the diversity of the musicians who are the subject of books in this series, and given the diversity of viewpoint of the authors, volumes in the . . .

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