Faith in the Living God: A Dialogue

Faith in the Living God: A Dialogue

Faith in the Living God: A Dialogue

Faith in the Living God: A Dialogue


This exciting volume invites the reader to join in an intellectual and personal adventure, engaging mind and heart in a search for religious truth and "the living God."


The idea for this book arose from the experience of spending a semester together in Heidelberg in the summer of 1999. We taught a joint course concerned with central topics in Christian doctrine, and enjoyed intelligent discussions with a lively group of students. in our conversations, we found that we had enough in common in the way of belief and theological concern to find a ground on which to meet, and enough by way of difference in background and approach to make the mutual encounter challenging and illuminating for us. We want now to share with others, at one remove so to speak, this exploratory exercise, in the hope that the binocular vision that we may provide from our twin perspectives will yield helpful insight in relation to the important issues we are seeking to discuss. If there is fruitfulness here, it arises precisely from the combination of difference and commonality that we have in our interactions together.


Age and family

[J.P.] As we write, I am in my seventieth year, retired, and with a family that includes nine grandchildren. Born before the Second World War, I was a schoolboy during it and my brother, an raf pilot, was killed in action. the biggest division among those alive today relates to people who have had direct experience of combat, with all the courage, compassion, savagery and sadness that war brings, and people who have not. Both authors are in that second cohort which has had no direct experience of war, but even at second hand and in the innocence of youth, living through those intense years of global conflict has no doubt . . .

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