Entertainment Industry: A Reference Handbook

Entertainment Industry: A Reference Handbook

Entertainment Industry: A Reference Handbook

Entertainment Industry: A Reference Handbook


"Entertainment Industry: A Reference Handbook" casts the spotlight on the evolution of the entertainment industry over the entire span of the 20th century, covering everything from vaudeville to radio and from sports to television and movies. It explores how the entertainment industry stands apart from other high-dollar, big-business enterprises with regard to how its economy is sustained, and it serves as a handy source for more in-depth information that general readers will find fascinating.

An extensive annotated bibliography guides reader through their research, while a historical overview of the economics of the industry, a series of short biographies of the impact makers in the industry, and sources of more current information makes this work essential reading for anyone seeking comprehensive and specific information about the entertainment industry.


This book serves as an entryway into the fascinating world of the economics of the entertainment industry. It begins with a brief history of the evolution of the industry, primarily over the twentieth century, when it experienced its greatest period of growth. The second chapter discusses the major issues that confront the industry today, and the third chapter takes a broad look at the industry from a global perspective.

Chapter 4 is a timeline of the most important events in the industry. Chapter 5 consists of brief biographies of three dozen individuals who have had a profound impact on the entertainment industry. No attempt was made to pick the most important people, however that might be defined, but rather to single out a small number who through their actions had a major impact. This list includes executives like David Sarnoff, who rose to power at RCA and had a profound influence on the way in which radio and television evolved; Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play major league baseball after a half century of segregation; and Mary Pickford, the actress and entrepreneur who captured the hearts of American moviegoers on the big screen and helped revolutionize the movie industry with her business acumen.

Chapter 6 includes a selected list of information covering the industry in an effort to put some of the types of entertainment, and entertainment’s place in our economy, into perspective. It is certainly not an exhaustive list, but it does serve to illustrate some of the issues addressed in the text. I have also included a directory of major firms and organizations in the entertainment industry (in Chapter 7). Most of these have websites, which I have noted so that you can more easily explore the current makeup of the industry. This directory includes major producers in every type of entertainment I have discussed, as well as labor organizations . . .

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