Culture and Customs of Turkey

Culture and Customs of Turkey

Culture and Customs of Turkey

Culture and Customs of Turkey


With seven unpublished novels wasting away on his hard drive, Tony Vanderwarker is astonished when John Grisham offers to take him under his wing and teach him the secrets of thriller writing. "The beginning and the end are easy," Grisham tells him. "It's the three hundred pages in the middle that's the hard part."

To ensure his plot doesn't run out of gas, Grisham puts Tony though his outline process. Tony does one, and then Grisham asks for another - and another - and another. As they work together, Grisham reveals the techniques that have helped him create compelling bestsellers for more than two decades-for instance, "You've got to hook your reader in the first forty pages or you'll lose them." After a year of constructing outlines, Grisham finally gives Tony the go-ahead to start writing.

Writing with the Master immerses the reader in the creative process as Tony struggles to produce a successful thriller. It's a roller coaster ride, sometimes hilarious, and often full of ups and downs. Grisham's critiques and margin notes to Tony reveal his nimble imagination and plot development genius. For Grisham fans, Vanderwarker's memoir pulls back the curtain on his writing secrets, and for aspiring writers, it's a master class in thriller writing.

In the end, Tony resolves to take Grisham's teachings to heart and eventually decides to write what he thinks he was meant to: a book about the creative process and his incredible two years working with John Grisham.


The old world and the New World have maintained a fluid exchange of people, ideas, innovations, and styles. Even though the United States became the de facto world leader and economic superpower in the wake of a devastated Europe in World War ii, Europe has remained for many the standard bearer of Western culture.

Millions of Americans can trace their ancestors to Europe. the United States as we know it was built on waves of European immigration, starting with the English who braved the seas to found the Jamestown Colony in 1607. Bosnian and Albanian immigrants are some of the latest new Americans. in the Gilded Age of one of our great expatriates, the novelist Henry James, the Grand Tour of Europe was de rigueur for young American men of means, to prepare them for a life of refinement and taste. in a more recent democratic age, scores of American college students have Eurailed their way across Great Britain and the Continent, sampling the fabled capitals and bergs in a mad, great adventure, or have benefited from a semester abroad. For other American vacationers and culture vultures, Europe is the prime destination. What is the New Europe post–Cold War, post–Berlin Wall in a new millennium? Even with the different languages, rhythms, and rituals, Europeans have much in common: They are largely well educated, prosperous, and worldly. They also have similar goals and face common threats and form alliances. With the advent of the European Union, the open borders, and the Euro and considering globalization and the prospect of a homogenized Europe, an updated survey of the region is warranted.

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