Psalms 60-150: A Commentary

Psalms 60-150: A Commentary

Psalms 60-150: A Commentary

Psalms 60-150: A Commentary


In the second volume of his thorough commentary on the Psalms, Professor Kraus turns his attention to Psalms 60-150, takes each Psalm in turn, offers a fresh translation, a bibliography, linguistic notes, discussion of the form and origin of the passage, a verse-by-verse commentary, and a summary of the particular Psalm's main theological points. Indices of biblical references and names and subjects are included. Psalms 60-150 is translated from the German Biblischer Kommentar series.


As was the case with Psalms 1-59, so also this volume is offered in the hope that this great commentary will now be accessible to a far wider circle of readers.

The English biblical text of the psalms commented on represents a rather literal translation of Dr. Kraus’s own scholarly translation of the Hebrew text, in which he too strives for a rather literal rendering of the text as emended. This prepares the way for the commentary.

Citations of biblical texts other than the specific psalms under discussion are usually from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, copyright 1946, 1952, and 1971 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of Churches.

The frequent citations from the Latin commentary on the Psalms by John Calvin are for convenience and consistency quoted from the English translation by James Anderson (Eerdmans, 1949). In the case of quotations from modern scholars, attempts have been made to cite published English translations when such are available. Other English translations of quotations (especially of the church fathers and of other figures from church history) are the translator’s own.

Hilton C. Oswald . . .

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