Globalization: A Reference Handbook

Globalization: A Reference Handbook

Globalization: A Reference Handbook

Globalization: A Reference Handbook


This extensive yet concise introduction to the phenomenon of globalization looks at its economic, environmental, and security dimensions as interpreted from different political points of view.


Globalization is a controversial term referring to the concept of increased human interaction and interdependence across the globe. Some people regard globalization as a useful notion describing the evolution of human civilization. Others believe the term is merely a buzzword that is too confusing to provide meaningful understanding in our complex human world. Given the complexity of global human affairs, holders of both views have good reason to believe the way they do.

This book is designed as an introduction to the concept of globalization and offers three worldviews on its benefits and problems. The writing focuses on central issues of globalization, including the challenges and controversies associated with it.

A key factor behind globalization is the rapid development of technology, which has “shrunk” the world in ways not before possible. Increased human interaction has created problems and controversies that escape the ability of national governments to address. This book explains these problems, focusing on the global economy, issues of culture, environmental problems, and national security. These controversial areas are central to the concept of globalization. They represent difficult issues concerning all of humanity.

Several questions illustrate the importance of issues surrounding globalization: How do countries pass laws to regulate economic processes that happen beyond their borders? How do cultures deal with the impact of the global economy and the symbols, images, and norms foreign impressions have on their society? How do countries solve international environmental problems? How do countries remain secure with advanced weaponry without threatening others? These are issues that arise . . .

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