Politics and Government in China

Politics and Government in China

Politics and Government in China

Politics and Government in China


Politics and Government in China is an introduction to Chinese government and politics. The book provides analysis of China's political history; its key leaders and leadership transitions; and its political party, state institutions, and party policies. Moving beyond a strict definition of politics, the book also explores the nation's economic development, social policy, law and order, and foreign relations.

Throughout these analyses, the book's primary focus is on modern China, a nation poised to become an economic superpower. It thus explores themes such as China's transition from a traditional society to a modern society, from a less developed to a rapidly growing economy, from a revolutionary regime to a modernizing state, and from the rule of man to the rule of law. Although the transitions are incomplete and the future still uncertain, this book will help readers understand China as it is—and as it may become.


Governing China, the most populous country in the world, has always been challenging. It is particularly challenging in the age of globalization. As its economy grows rapidly, China’s cultural exchange and economic interaction with the outside world are expanding quickly. Chinese politics, however, remain a puzzle to many outsiders. This book examines the key issues in contemporary Chinese politics.

The introduction highlights some key themes for understanding Chinese politics. Chapter 1 provides a historical overview of the politics of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Chapter 2 focuses on China’s leaders and leadership transition. Chapter 3 examines the evolution of the Chinese Communist Party from a revolutionary party to a governing party. Chapter 4 looks at state institutions and policy making. Chapter 5 focuses on economic development and social transition. Chapter 6 examines law and order. the final chapter will look at China’s place in a changing world.

The puzzles of chinese politics

What are the main puzzles in Chinese politics? What are the driving forces for change in Chinese politics? Why did China not develop . . .

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