What the Rabbis Said: 250 Topics from the Talmud

What the Rabbis Said: 250 Topics from the Talmud

What the Rabbis Said: 250 Topics from the Talmud

What the Rabbis Said: 250 Topics from the Talmud


The Talmud has been a source of study and debate for well over a millennia. What the Rabbis Said: 250 Topics from the Talmud brings that discussion out of the yeshiva to describe and clarify the views of the talmudic rabbis for modern readers. Much more than a compilation of isolated rabbinic quotations, the book intersperses talmudic statements within the narrative to provide a thoroughly engaging examination of the rabbinic point of view.

Exploring the development of traditional Jewish thought during its formative period, the book summarizes the major rabbinic comments from the vast expanse of the Talmud and midrashic literature, demonstrating, among other things, that the rabbis often took divergent positions on a given issue rather than agreeing on a single "party line." As it delves into such broad topics as God, the Torah, mitzvot, law and punishment, synagogue and prayer, and life-cycle events, What the Rabbis Said will help readers understand and appreciate the views of those who developed the rabbinic Judaism that persists to the present day.


What the Rabbis Said is the latest of several works by Dr. Ronald Eisenberg conveying a plethora of beneficial information on a variety of topics of Jewish interest. Dr. Eisenberg has rendered a great service to his readers by amassing and fruitfully synthesizing a wealth of relevant information on highly significant Jewish subjects.

This work is researched in a characteristically studious, exhaustive, and meticulous manner. It contains an impressive amount of information concerning the thinking of the Talmudic rabbis on a vast array of topics of both Jewish and universal interest, which enriches our understanding of their theological perspective and other elements of traditional Judaism.

Dr. Eisenberg’s book is thoughtfully organized and lucidly written, containing well-chosen illustrative quotes and engaging stories. The endnotes are extremely useful and enhance reader understanding. The erudition and effort reflected in What the Rabbis Said are praiseworthy and have succeeded in producing a truly worthwhile work.

Elliot Lefkovitz Adjunct Professor of Jewish History Spertus Institute Chicago, IL

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