Hot Spot: North America and Europe

Hot Spot: North America and Europe

Hot Spot: North America and Europe

Hot Spot: North America and Europe


What I have presented herein represents my pathin life that led me to my addictive sexual behavior. It is a long path from teenage inappropriate behavior to finally acting out with my two victims when in my 60's. It further represents my path to understanding the gravity of my offending behavior and the forces I allowed to takecontrol of my life. In no way does it excuse my behavior or lessen both the short and long term traumas that my victims have experienced and that will continue to have an impact on their lives.If I could turn back the clock, I certainly would. Iknow to say "I'm sorry" to my victims falls far short of what is needed to help them understand that what happened was not their fault. I take full responsibility for my actions. There is nothing I can do to take away what I have done. The only way I know how to show any more remorse is to go forward with my life, acknowledge my mistakes, and create "No More Victims." I can only hopemy victims, after receiving therapy, are able to go on with their live and hold their heads up high. My purpose in writing what I have is that it might help someone else seek help before they go down the same path I did. If what I have written helps even one person change the negative direction of their life, then my effort will have been worth it. It will be a small contribution in making amends for what I did.ix


A decade after the end of
Bosnia’s 1992–95 interethnic war,
most Bosnians believe that the
country would not disintegrate if
the international community
including a 7,000 strong peace
keeping force were to leave, an
opinion poll showed Wednesday.


Prime Minister of the Federation
of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ahmet
Hadzipasic, confessed on Monday
that the Governments of FBiH and
Republika Srpska cannot even agree
on the conditions of selling and dis
tribution of mineral water at the
level of the entire Bosnia and
Herzegovina, not to mention to
define political decisions of key
importance for this country….

—Two stories appearing in the
same edition of the Bosnia Daily,
Sarajevo, August 18, 2005

This volume is part of a larger series on hot spots in the contemporary world. Although each volume covers a geographically and often politically distinct part of the globe, the books in this series share several common features. Each is internally organized on a geographical basis, exploring the regions or countries that constitute hot spots in their part of the world. To orient the reader, each volume contains a Timeline chronicling the development of its various hot spots and the significant events that have shaped their development. And each book provides suggestions for further research in an annotated bibliography and within the endnotes that accompany each chapter.

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