School Library Management: Just the Basics

School Library Management: Just the Basics

School Library Management: Just the Basics

School Library Management: Just the Basics


Setting up and managing a library media center is a complex task best handled by a certified and experienced librarian, but the fact of the matter is that many school districts have had to cut librarian positions and are attempting to fill the gaps with aides. " School Library Management: Just the Basics" describes the step-by-step process of setting up the management processes in a school library and outlines easy management concepts that will guide aides through challenges like setting up activity centers and establishing rules for behavior.

With over three decades of experience in librarianship between them, the authors cover topics such as student incentives and rewards; scheduling and supervising computer usage; circulation procedures; training materials for volunteers; passes, book marks, and other patterns; and privacy issues. This book can also serve as an effective training guide for district librarians responsible for training aides who are running multiple centers.


School libraries are places to read, to explore, and to find information. When kindergarten students first visit a school library, they are told that this is the place where they will learn the answers to their questions and that they will learn how to use the library to find those answers. And, as students grow and mature, the school library does indeed become that place for them, but we know that does not just happen. It takes a community, and that community is the library staff. the library staff must be knowledgeable, hardworking, and service oriented. They must possess a certain amount of basic information just to keep the library up and running.

Basic information is important information. It is often critical and in some cases not readily available. Running a school library well requires the assistance of several key individuals (library aides or clerks, volunteers, paraprofessionals, and technicians), in addition to the professional school librarian. Training these assistants to do the tasks required is time consuming, and often school librarians and district library coordinators have to construct their own training materials as well as do the one-on-one instruction at each library site.

In order to facilitate and help expedite this training, we offer this series of short, concise, and very practical books to aid in the training necessary to prepare assistants to help organize, equip, and furnish a media center, manage a school library, prepare and circulate materials, and perform many other tasks that are necessary to the smooth operation of a school library today. the Just the Basics series is written by professionally trained and certified building-level school librarians working currently in the field. As we roll out this series, please let us know what you think. Do we need additional topics? Is the series usable in training situations? What comments do you have?

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