Food and Agriculture Security: An Historical, Multidisciplinary Approach

Food and Agriculture Security: An Historical, Multidisciplinary Approach

Food and Agriculture Security: An Historical, Multidisciplinary Approach

Food and Agriculture Security: An Historical, Multidisciplinary Approach


A revolution in food supply and trade has been ongoing for decades, although most American consumers have been unaware of these changes- after all, to the end buyer, the food seems the same at the supermarket. But today, a large percentage of our food and agricultural products are imported to our country, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has designated Food and Agriculture as a "Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources Sector." Cross-border cooperation is essential, given the volume of trade, the nature of testing required, and the importance of ensuring the safety of these products.

This book examines our food system in its entirety, discusses threats to food and agriculture security in America and abroad, and covers trade policy issues and U.S.-specific regulations affecting the food supply chain security. Emerging models of cross-border cooperation in Food and Agriculture Security are also described.


One of the most important walks of my life took place on a mild evening in London during the autumn of 1998. I had recently met a bright young Fulbright Scholar from Kansas who, like me, was pursuing a graduate degree in the United Kingdom. We agreed one evening to take advantage of the abnormally warm weather to chat about issues that we studied—for me, border security, and for him, food safety and security.

In many ways, on that evening, the Frontier program for the historical studies of border security, food security, and trade policy was born. Over the next 12 years, and at campuses 1,000 miles apart, Justin Kastner and I developed this unique research and training initiative that unites not only scholars across these disciplines but also students across campuses and from around the world.

As the only program of its kind in the United States, Frontier employs a unique multidisciplinary approach. We believe that border, food security, and trade issues cannot be examined adequately within rigid disciplinary silos. Rather, we believe in the utility of a broad approach that unites and blends the best thinking from scholars and practitioners across these disciplines. Such an approach, in our view, sheds fresh light on both old and new problems.

This book represents the best of what Frontier seeks to achieve: informed, policy-relevant, and historically rooted analysis of food and agriculture security. In the chapters that follow, readers will find insightful case studies, theoretical perspectives, and evaluation of some of the major evolving issues in food and agriculture today. From food safety policy in China to best practices in risk management to tumultuous agricultural trade . . .

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