Isaiah 28-39: A Continental Commentary

Isaiah 28-39: A Continental Commentary

Isaiah 28-39: A Continental Commentary

Isaiah 28-39: A Continental Commentary


"This excellent commentary is certainly the most exhaustive of works available on the chapters with which it deals. I recommend it unreservedly to all serious students of the Old Testament."-- John Bright"Wildberger's commentary has turned out to be his Lebenswerk, and it is itself a noble tribute to a scholar who is theologically sensitive, aware of differing opinions, and fair in dealing with them. It is the best existing commentary on the book of Isaiah."-- Roland E. Murphy


My own work on the Isaiah volumes now comes to a conclusion. It has been fifteen years since my Doktor Vater, Hans Walter Wolff, suggested to me at a meeting of the Biblischer Kommentar scholars, which I was privileged to attend in 1987, that I should translate his 100page Haggai volume. That volume had been assigned already, but Hans Wildberger’s three-volume 1753-page Isaiah commentary was also on the Augsburg Press list of works to translate into English! I took up the challenge. I have spent thousands of hours with the three volumes, working intensively on them during nine of the last fifteen years. Questions about the financial feasibility of publishing the second and third volumes delayed the project. But it is finally done.

The first volume was typeset by hand, from a manuscript. My computer discs were used for the second, though Hebrew, Greek, and transliterated terms had to be inserted from my handwritten notes. For this third volume I was furnished with the foreign language fonts, which were used directly. It took much time to learn how to get foreign language material to work. So that this volume could appear at all, I was asked to serve as its typesetter, right down to the last detail. It is being delivered camera-ready. Auto-correcting and formatting overrides have caused some problems. I hope that I have caught all the “corrections.”

I was also asked to serve as my own copy-editor and proofreader for this volume. I tried to follow the advice gained from the editor of the second volume. Gary Stansell, a scholar of Isaiah in his own right, a long-time friend from Heidelberg days, and a fellow Biblischer Kommentar translator, was able to read the manuscript, checking the formcritical matters and looking for sentences that needed to be reworked for clarity. I thank Gary for his care in reading the manuscript. The errors, of course, remain my own. (In volume one, please change the textual translation of Isa. 9:5 to read “Heroic God” instead of “God’s Hero.”)

Translation is a tricky business. Another major work that I translated during these past years could be checked by the authors. But Prof. Wildberger died in 1986. One can never be completely sure that one has caught the nuance of a sentence. Literally thousands of decisions must be made. Sometimes the very point being made is that the interpretation one would gravitate to initially is incorrect. I hope that this translation will help scholars and students of the Scripture to profit from the life’s work of a remarkable Old Testament scholar.

A few technical points need to be mentioned. Prof. Wildberger often pointed only part of some Hebrew words. He thus pointed out where minor changes were to be found. Texts from Qumran are never pointed. Greek texts from Aquila, Symmachus, and Theodotion receive no diacritical marks. Poetry is indented; prose is typeset across the page.

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