Teen Talkback with Interactive Booktalks!

Teen Talkback with Interactive Booktalks!

Teen Talkback with Interactive Booktalks!

Teen Talkback with Interactive Booktalks!


All educators and library professionals need practical resources with easily accessible information and activities that can be immediately applied. "Teen Talkback with Interactive Booktalks " is such a resource, supplying ready-to-use, interactive booktalks and curriculum connections for more than 100 recently published young adult books. This unique book is an invaluable tool for motivating teens to read. It shows how to make booktalks interactive and get teens participating in the presentation, rather than passively listening.

Book selections include titles published from 2008 to 2012 organized in seven categories: Issues, Contemporary, Adventure/Survival, Mystery/Suspense, Fantasy, Heritage, and Multiple Cultures. Complete bibliographical information for each selection is included along with a literary classification as well as an age/grade level and gender designation. The read-alouds passages include talkback questions to facilitate discussion, and related works are supplied as suggestions for additional reading choices.


Issues books confront topics, such as identity, abuse, dependency, dysfunctional families, and disease. Often, they are the most controversial. The situations they present, however, are common news stories. Issues books allow us to go beyond the horror and contemplate the courage and faith required to work through brutality, confusion, and sorrow. Seeing characters face devastating events often help some teens cope in their own lives and make other teens realize how fortunate they are.


Brown, Jennifer. Hate List.

New York: Little, Brown and Co., 2009. 408p. $16.99. ISBN 978 0 316 04144 7. [fiction] JS, CG with high interest for girls

Themes/ Topics: School shootings, high school, emotional problems, family crisis, forgiveness


Sixteen-year-old Valerie returns to high school for her senior year after her boyfriend maims or kills several classmates and a teacher in a school attack at the end of their junior year. His targets are on a Hate List he compiled with Valerie. Valerie is shot in the leg as she defends a classmate and tries to stop the shooting. Suspected of instigating the event, she is assigned to Dr. Hieler for outpatient sessions. Val confesses feelings of guilt, anger, and grief as she faces a suspicious and angry student body, the girl she saved but hated, and her parents’ failing marriage. Admitting her responsibility, she can move on with her life.

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