100+ Ways to Recognize & Reward Your School Staff

100+ Ways to Recognize & Reward Your School Staff

100+ Ways to Recognize & Reward Your School Staff

100+ Ways to Recognize & Reward Your School Staff


This book provides school administrators with practical, easy-to-use, and inexpensive ways to reward and recognize the efforts of their staff. More than 100 ideas are divided into three categories based on the amount of effort they require. Recognizing and rewarding your staff can be as simple as writing a heartfelt thank-you note to a bus driver or as unexpected as taking a teacher's grading duty for a night.

This invaluable guide will help principals and superintendents everywhere bring out the best in their teachers and staff members. The best part is that rewarding and inspiring your staff will be rewarding and inspiring for you too.

Dr. Emily E. Houck is the former superintendent of the Scott Valley Unified School District in California.


I received a copy of this letter (see Figure A) that was sent to my superintendent by my principal 23 years ago. Obviously I still have that letter. Why would I have saved this acknowledgment of my efforts so very long? It’s simple; it was something special, unexpected, and extremely rare, and in retrospect, sad. Sad that it was so out of the ordinary, that it became a one of a kind keepsake. How different I would have felt if I had worked in an environment where the acknowledgment of my efforts was commonplace, where I knew every day that I was valued and what I did was making a difference. Who knows, I might still be there. The goal of this book is to help you move your department, school, or district into that kind of place—a place where acknowledgment is appreciated, but is not a once in a lifetime event.

Praise isn’t a foreign concept. It isn’t difficult to dispense, but a jaw-dropping 65 percent of Americans report that they have never received any recognition for their good work on the job. Consequently they leave. We can change that in the business of education. We can increase individual productivity and increase engagement among colleagues. We can retain our teachers . . .

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